Microsoft Teams and VoIP Illustration

Microsoft Teams & VOIP

Keeping Your Teams Connected

At the heart of every successful team is good communication and business continuity is paramount which is why cloud based solutions such as Microsoft Teams and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) are a perfect choice when it comes to security, flexibility and mobility, keeping your team connected wherever they might be.

What is Microsoft Teams & VoIP?

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform where users can use a variety of Office365 apps and tools to help them work more effectively. Your team can call, chat, meet or collaborate with each other, from wherever they are. With VoIP (Voice over internet protocol and sometimes referred to as IP telephony) simply put it enables you to make phone calls over the internet giving you low costs per call and the ability to make and receive calls, wherever you may be.

Why do you need it?

Collaborative cloud tools such as Microsoft Teams, encourage communication and enable digital transformation. Teams can be opened virtually anywhere allowing for ultimate flexibility and mobile working. Whether at home, in co-working spaces or at the office, your organisation can benefit from increased productivity. With a VoIP solution you’ll benefit from low call costs and remote and mobile employees can access the system at all times giving your business greater flexibility and productivity levels.

How Agile can help

We will work with you to map out and provision Microsoft Teams for your organisation, setting up teams and channels to enable your employees to start working collaboratively. We have extensive expertise across IT and Telecoms so whatever your telephony requirements, at Agile we can offer a range of VoIP solutions tailored to the needs of your business.