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Easier Cloud Hosted Services
Microsoft Office 365
Hosted MS Exchange Email Accounts
Mail Filtering & Archiving Solutions
Cloud-Hosted Telephone Systems (VoIP)
Hosted Secure Backup Solutions
Easier Internet Connectivity
Fast Fibre and Leased lines
Wireless networks and structured cabling
Easier Security & Protection
Two Factor Authentication
Firewall & network protection
Webfiltering & use management
Data protection & encryption solutions
Backup and recovery services
Easier Support & Admin
Trust us to monitor and manage it all for you
We quickly fix stuff if things go wrong
Maximum system uptime, productivity & profits
Free your people to do what they know
Make life easier for yourself

What is The Cloud?

Is Cyber Crime relevant to me?

What happens when IT fails?

Easier GDPR

Data policies and procedures

Assessment, data inventory & mapping

Systems Security Assessment

Data policy review & Gap Analysis

Remediation Roadmapping & managing compliance

GDPR - How the Law affects us all